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DVD review: 'Drive'

DVD review: “Drive”
Oklahoman Published: February 3, 2012

When Iris' ex-convict husband, Standard (Oscar Isaac), comes under threat for a debt he owes to mobsters — which in turn puts the mother and boy in jeopardy — The Driver offers his services in a pawnshop robbery Standard is forced to commit. When the job goes disastrously wrong, The Driver goes on the offensive to protect Iris from the retaliation of some very ruthless criminals, including ex-B-movie producer Bernie Rose, played with startlingly convincing bad-guy gusto by Albert Brooks in one of the most Oscar-worthy supporting turns of 2011.

Unfortunately, “Drive” itself is a robbery victim, garnering only a sound-editing nomination when it should have been a top contender for best picture. There's a surprisingly tender love story in the midst of the bloody battle between good and evil, and drama as powerful as the supercharged engines beneath the gleaming hoods of all those muscle cars.

Bonus features include the featurettes “I Drive: The Driver,” “Driver and Irene: The Relationship,” “Under the Hood: Story” and “Cut to the Chase: Stunts.”

— Gene Triplett