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DVD review: 'The Inkeepers'

DVD review: ‘The Inkeepers'
Published: May 18, 2012

Like “The House of the Devil,” “The Innkeepers” is primarily a genre exercise, an attempt to recapture the horror techniques of an earlier time. Audiences accustomed to the slice-and-dice editing of the post-“Saw” era will want more action, but patient viewers will appreciate West's slow-burn sensibility. The Blu-ray edition is particularly effective for viewers with good surround sound systems; much of the suspense hinges on what is heard rather than seen, and one of the two commentary tracks features sound designer Graham Reznick discussing his methodology. This is horror like they used to make; if it weren't for the appearance of laptops, websites and high-tech sound equipment, “The Innkeepers” could pass for mid-1970s drive-in material. This piece of neo-grindhouse horror is far from perfect and the ending sags a little, but the rough edges are part of its charm.

George Lang