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DVD review: 'Titanic'

DVD review: ‘Titanic'
BY TIFFANY M. POOLE Staff Writer Published: June 1, 2012


This year commemorated the 100th anniversary of the legendary sinking of the Titanic and there was no shortage of movies, documentaries and specials to fulfill our unending curiosity about the mysterious ship.

One of the most anticipated broadcast events of the year was “Titanic,” an ABC four-part miniseries written by Julian Fellowes, an Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy winner.

His work on the highly addictive series “Downton Abbey” and movies such as “Gosford Park” reeled in a large audience for “Titanic,” but unfortunately couldn't hold on to them throughout the miniseries airing.

“Titanic” adheres to the focus of much of Fellowes' past work, the “Upstairs/Downstairs” theme, which shows perspectives from the aristocrats and servants of early 20th century England.

What makes dramatic version of the story of “Titanic” different is that another social class is brought into the fold, second class or middle class.

“Titanic” has a huge ensemble cast to tell each class' respective stories, including Linus Roache (“Law and Order”).

What Fellowes did well was give the audience a new perspective of what was happening in Europe at that time.

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