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DVD reviews: Warner Bros. Film Noir Archive Collection

‘Scene of the Crime.' ‘Code Two' and ‘Death in Small Doses'
BY GENE TRIPLETT Published: January 25, 2013

It's a run-of-the mill police academy/motorcycle cop drama with “modern day” cattle rustlers as the villains.

But where's the beef? Chuck “The Rifleman” Connors has a bit role here, but gets to chew plenty of scenery — and plenty of amphetamines, too — in “Death in Small Doses” (1957), starring Peter Graves as an FDA inspector who goes undercover to find out who's behind a nationwide epidemic of speed-addled truck drivers.


Connors' performance as “Mink” Reynolds, a hip-talking, finger-snapping, benny-popping trucker is worth watching if one is seeking a classroom example of truly bad, over-the-top acting.

Otherwise, this Allied Artists cheapie from director Joseph Newman (“This Island Earth”) is a typical '50s-style anti-drug message movie with nary a touch of noir artfulness.

— Gene Triplett