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Early bird shopper greets challenge

Victory comes in all shapes and sizes. And for Victoria resident Jon-Mikal Cano, it took the form of a collapsible chair at the mall.
By Allison Miles Published: November 22, 2012

Best Buy's ticket program, which allows those at the front of the line vouchers so they're guaranteed the items they're after, also helps.

“This guy will get a ticket, and as long as he gets it by 3 a.m. he's guaranteed the item,” Chavana said with a gesture toward Cano. “He could even leave after he got his ticket, as long as he was back in time.”

Best Buy stores in Brownsville and San Antonio saw their first campers last week, he said.

Cano might not have gotten his start that early, but said his original plan was to arrive at the store Monday night. When he got off work at his cabinetry job and saw there was no line, however, he decided it could wait.

Now that he's there, though, he's prepared to stick it out.

A cooler of food in his car, some warm blankets and a good book — “The Lost Hero” by Rick Riordan — will help keep him going, he said. He also hopes to use a generator to hook up his Xbox and get his game on.

As for next year's Black Friday, however, you probably won't find him in line.

“Now that I did it this year, I can stop,” he said. “First place was my goal.”

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