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Eating local starts in your garden

The Oklahoman's Food Dude Dave Cathey writes about how eating local can start with planting an herb and vegetable garden.
by Dave Cathey Published: April 11, 2012

The buzz words of the 21st century are local and sustainable.

They represent a focus on practices that not only benefit our community but the planet we populate.

The terms apply to a lot of things, but food is one of the primary targets of the movement.

When I think of eating local, the first place that comes to mind is my own backyard. Sustainability is a matter of rotating crops, using organic materials to spur growth and the health of my back.

Thanks to winter taking the year off, which it earned after its 2011 performance, we are surrounded by various hues of green splashed with various hues of red.

Rain has been plentiful, which not only spurs growth but softens the relentless red clay into easy extraction. I dug a whole new flower bed last weekend, and my back hasn't barked a bit.

Bottom line: If you haven't ever planted herbs and/or vegetables, you're out of excuses. Watching seeds metamorphose into sustenance is an education for you and your family. Not only will it lower your grocery bills this summer, it will lend context to your life.

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