Eco-group: Free speech doesn't cover 'deniers'

Associated Press Published: April 19, 2012

Greenpeace USA, a nonprofit that wants to reverse global warming by stopping oil drilling and coal burning, explains online why climate change "deniers" don't have a right to free speech.

"Don't the deniers have a right to free speech?" Greenpeace asks rhetorically on its FAQ page. Answer: Apparently not. "There's a difference between free speech and a campaign to deny the climate science with the goal of undermining international action on climate change," Greenpeace argues. "However, there's also responsibility that goes with freedom of speech - which is based around honesty and transparency.  Freedom of speech does not apply to misinformation and propaganda."

Greenpeace makes the argument in the course of an attack on Exxon Mobil, a company that provides oil to the people who are "driving climate change by burning fossil fuels like coal and oil."

H/T Andrew Stuttaford

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