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Eddie Izzard gets his pirate on for 'Treasure Island'

New adaptation of “Treasure Island” to air 6 to10 p.m. Saturday on Syfy
By Kate O'Hare Published: May 2, 2012

“Everyone was just fighting and scrabbling and the greed. In the end it's a story of Jim's soul. Which way is he going to go?”

The production was challenging.

“It was freezing in Dublin and boiling in Puerto Rico,” says Izzard, “a couple of months apart.”

But that hasn't deterred Izzard from being willing to shave his head and pick up Long John Silver's crutch once again.

“I'm already working on a new script,” he says. “We're talking out different stories. It's the idea — can you take a classic and go and do another one? It's a bit tricky to do this. But the essence of it is greed and your soul and money. These are eternal stories.

“And being a pirate ... it's like the Millennium Falcon (in ‘Star Wars'). Han Solo was a pirate. We had our ship; they had the Millennium Falcon. It was great. I was playing a pirate, like when I was 8 years old.”