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Eden Care in Oklahoma City and near Edmond is place the elderly called home

Eden Care Homes offers an alternative to the traditional institutional assisted living facilities. There are homes just north of Edmond and in Oklahoma City.
by Diana Baldwin Published: September 15, 2013

Her father and his wife were able to live together in a companion room until he died in July. Nan Collins plans to continue living at the cottage.

Collins saw a huge change in her father once he was moved from a memory care unit to the cottage.

“He received good care,” June Collins said of the memory care unit. “Still, it wasn't home. He still missed his wife.”

For her, June Collins said, “It was hard to know to visit at the memory care unit. I feel more welcome at the cottage. The atmosphere is more like home. They hit the mark.”

Bob Collins felt like he was at home and safe, his daughter said. He would routinely try to leave the memory care unit, but never once did he try to walk out the front door at the cottage, she said.

“Dad perked up,” June Collins said. “He smiled. He talked more. He really interacted with the staff.”

June Collins called the last months of her 84-year-old father's life happy times. They were able to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and his birthday at the cottage.

“It was wonderful to have that time,” June Collins said. “It was great to go through that experience in the same place. It was like he died in his own home.”

Nan Collins, who had a stroke, tends to her peach roses growing out her window at the cottage and loves fresh flowers in her bathroom.

“I can go to bed when I want to and get up when I want to,” said Nan Collins, 71. “I can eat when I want to.”

Nan Collins is known around the cottage for her love of sweets and ice cream. She is often found in the kitchen cooking brownies and banana nut bread.

Available to residents

Caregivers work 12-hour shifts providing a wide range of assistance including personal care; activities, medication administrations, meals, light housekeeping duties and laundry care. They are not allowed to sleep during their shift, McClure said.

“I grow to love these people,” Benson said. “These people are like family. I have two families.”

A nurse and a physician are available around the clock.

Aromatherapy and Hemi-Sync Audio Therapy are used at Eden's homes.

“We utilize essential oils in the home to help create a natural, therapeutic home environment for our residents,” McClure said.

Hemi-sync audio guidance CDs help safely alter brainwaves with multilayered patterns of sound frequencies to help with memory clarity.

Art therapy provided for the residents has produced artwork seen throughout the 25,000-square-foot home.

Baird was an artist in her younger days and now again at the cottage. She turns out paintings that are similar to pieces she painted earlier in her life.

Nan Collins and her husband enjoyed the art therapy too. She painted a ballerina and gave it to her granddaughter, who displayed it on her wall.

The cost of care

There is a price to stay in these private-care homes.

A single room costs $6,400 a month and a companion suite is $5,600 a month for each resident. Residents can use long-term care insurance at Eden Care Homes.

The price also covers all of their hygiene items, including homemade lavender soap, bath salts and lotions. Everything they need is included except for their medicine, McClure said.

“I hate about the cost,” McClure said. “But two-thirds of our budget is for staff. They are paying for the care.”