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Edmond bicyclists get green light for new law

Edmond City Council members give bicyclists a defense to run a red light if they meet certain conditions outlined in an amended ordinance passed this week. The law is to help bicyclists when the signal light won't change to green.
by Diana Baldwin Published: September 12, 2012

Bicyclists on Edmond streets now have a defense if they are caught running a red light when the signal light doesn't change to green.

City council members amended an ordinance this week, allowing bicyclists to continue if they meet certain conditions outlined in the new law.

Often the weight of the bicycle and rider do not trigger the sensor embedded in the street and the signal light will not change to green, said City Attorney Steve Murdock.

Fred Richard, a local cycling instructor, told the council that situation happened to him on his way to the meeting where the ordinance amendment was being considered on Monday.

“I encountered the same situation on Littler,” Richard said.

He said he had to ask the car behind him to drive up closer to his bicycle so the light would change.

The amendment was recommended by the Edmond Bicycle Committee after a woman was cited for running a red light.

The conditions are:

The bicycle had been brought to a complete stop.

The traffic control signal continued to show a red light for two complete cycles.

No motor vehicle was approaching on the street or highway to be crossed or entered, or was so far away from the intersection it did not constitute an immediate hazard as the bicyclist entered or crossed the intersection against a red light.

The new ordinance goes into effect in 30 days.

by Diana Baldwin
Sr. Reporter
Diana Baldwin has been an Oklahoma journalist since 1976 and came to The Oklahoman in 1991. She covered the Oklahoma City bombing and covered the downfall of Oklahoma City police forensic chemist Joyce Gilchrist misidentifying evidence. She wrote...
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