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Edmond chat: Where's the money for the roads?

by Diana Baldwin Modified: July 17, 2014 at 3:39 pm •  Published: July 17, 2014

The Oklahoman's Diana Baldwin chatted with readers Thursday about downtown Edmond roads, restaurants and businesses. Join her chat every third Thursday of the month at 2 p.m. Below is an unedited transcript of the chat.

NewsOK 1:29 p.m. Hey everyone. Diana Baldwin will be logging in at 2 p.m., but you can start submitting your questions now.

Diana has been covering Edmond for eight years and will answer as many of your questions as she possibly can.
Diana Baldwin 1:59 p.m. I'm here for this months Edmond Live Chat. Keep sending in your questions.
Campbell 1:59 p.m. Why doesn't Edmond pass any road construction specific bond packages? It seems like it is needed. It would be nice to see the entire Covell project done at once instead of phases. It would also be nice to see Edmond bury the utility lines along the street like a lot of other cities are doing.
Diana Baldwin 2:01 p.m. There is talk about a road construction specific bond package. There is a serious need for the money. There is way too many road projects for the amount of money in the bank. I have heard city leaders talking about asking for the five-year half cent sales take for the new public safety center is complete in five years.
Campbell 2:02 p.m. How serious is the downtown performing arts center? When could we see renderings?
Diana Baldwin 2:03 p.m. I believe most of the council members at this time are interested in a downtown performing arts center. Councilwoman Victoria Caldwell is especially interested in an arts center. Music is her background. Again, where does the money come from.
Campbell 2:03 p.m. When are the next phase of bike lanes supposed be painted on Chowning?
Diana Baldwin 2:04 p.m. I heard more bike lanes are in the works. I don't know a date on the next phase of the bike lane projects.
Campbell 2:04 p.m. Thank you in advance for answering any questions!
Campbell 2:04 p.m. For the Covell/I-35 development, is Crest still a possibility? I've heard from a few people a Walmart Neighborhood Market AND a Crest are both possible there at this point.
Diana Baldwin 2:06 p.m. I have not heard about Walmart Neighborhood Market. That would a great deal for shoppers. I know in Oklahoma City on Rockwell there is a Crest across the street from a Walmert Neighborhood Market. I check on that.
Jennifer 2:06 p.m. Do you think Edmond will host the US Open in the future after hosting the Senior Open?
Diana Baldwin 2:09 p.m. I think Edmond and Oak Tree National did everything right to be considered for a future golf event. I heard tons of compliments about what a good job was done.
Ben 2:09 p.m. Is anything more planned at I-35 going both north and south from 15th Street in terms of restaurants or other businesses in light of there now being 2 hospitals there? Some land is cleared but is anything definite?
Diana Baldwin 2:11 p.m. Jim Tapp, who owns Fox Lake development just north of Wal-Mart and 15th Street, was at city council this week to get a sign variance for his development north of Sam's. He said he is still trying to get a nice, sit-down restaurant for his property.
Jennifer 2:11 p.m. How much money did the US Senior Open bring to Edmond?
Diana Baldwin 2:14 p.m. The figures are in yet. But the economic impact study calculated the tournament would bring in $12.9 million. Sales tax collections won't be know for another 45 days or so/
Guest 2:14 p.m. Any news on what's possibly going in to the updated shopping plaza at 33rd and Boulevard?
Diana Baldwin 2:15 p.m. I wish I knew. Nothing has been announced. A lot of money is being spent out there. It is really looking good.
OKC northerner 2:15 p.m. I am a OKC northsider, I reside in OKC with an OKC address and unfortunately a Edmond zipcode. It is amazing how many people think they reside in Edmond but are really in OKC. Many businesses like to pass off that they are in Edmond as well. Businesses along Western and Penn cleary fall in OKC. I would likeo see those areas being marketed as North OKC vs Edmond.
Diana Baldwin 2:17 p.m. That is always confusing. People with an Edmond zip code or live in the Edmond school district often brag that they live in Edmond and they certainly do not. I get that all the time. Sometimes I ask them what color their trash container is. If its blue, you live in Oklahoma City. If it is green, you live in Edmond.
Guest 2:21 p.m. Do we have an update on when Von Mauer will be finished and open for business at Quail Springs Mall? Any other updates on that area of town?
Diana Baldwin 2:23 p.m. This is in Oklahoma City. This chat is specifically about what's going on in Edmond. Our business desk could help you with your questions.
Christie 2:23 p.m. What's this I hear about monopoly in Edmond?
Diana Baldwin 2:27 p.m. Edmond's parks and recreation department is trying something new. On Saturday, at Chitwood Park, they are offering Edmondopoly, a life-size game where people will be the game pieces. It is free and should be fun.
Campbell 2:28 p.m. Just curious, have you heard anything at all that might point to a Whole Foods being the tenant in the 33rd/BLVD shopping center? Some people have said Whole Foods is actively scouting a location in Edmond.
Diana Baldwin 2:29 p.m. I heard Whole's Food was looking at Edmond. No announcement has been made.
OKC northerner 2:30 p.m. Do you have any rendering of how 33rd and Broadway will be reconstructed. I would like to see an train overpass built as well on 33rd, 15th and along Kelly (between 33rd & Memorial. This would help with traffi
Diana Baldwin 2:31 p.m. Train overpasses are very expensive and hard to construct like the one on Danforth. I don't see others being constructed in Edmond. Additional turn lanes are being constructed at 33 rd and Broadway. I try to get a drawing and do an update story in The Oklahoman.
Diana Baldwin 2:32 p.m. Thanks for the questions. See you again next month.
by Diana Baldwin
Sr. Reporter
Diana Baldwin has been an Oklahoma journalist since 1976 and came to The Oklahoman in 1991. She covered the Oklahoma City bombing and covered the downfall of Oklahoma City police forensic chemist Joyce Gilchrist misidentifying evidence. She wrote...
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