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Edmond names Site Teachers of the Year

Twenty-four Edmond School District teachers this week were named Site Teachers of the Year for the 2010-11 school year by their fellow teachers.
From Staff Reports Published: October 14, 2010

• Crystal Smith, a special-education teacher at John Ross Elementary School.

• Renee Specht (deceased), a prekindergarten teacher at Northern Hills Elementary School.

• Michelle Blake, a third-grade teacher at Orvis Risner Elementary School.

• Kelli Jester, a second-grade teacher at Russell Dougherty Elementary School.

• Christy King, a second-grade teacher at Sunset Elementary School.

• Jennifer Hankins, a first-grade teacher at Washington Irving Elementary School.

• Nita Surritte, a prekindergarten teacher at West Field Elementary School.

• Debra Deskin, a second-grade teacher at Will Rogers Elementary School.

• Elanna Killackey, a multimedia and yearbook teacher at Central Middle School.

• Anthony Rose, a science and geography teacher at Cheyenne Middle School.

• Mignon Taylor, a math and geography teacher at Cimarron Middle School.

• Shae Martin, a math teacher at Sequoyah Middle School.

• Terri Evans, a reading and writing workshop teacher at Summit Middle School.

• T.J. Dortch, a chemistry teacher at Edmond Memorial High School.

• William J. Arbuckle, a math teacher at Edmond North High School.

• Shavon Young, an English teacher at Edmond Santa Fe High School.

• Brett Dickerson, a U.S. history teacher at Boulevard Academy.