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Edmond starts red cedar harvest

Edmond’s Urban Forestry Department is harvesting red cedars around Arcadia Lake. The red cedars will be turned into mulch, which should help the city save money by not purchasing mulch commercially.
FROM STAFF REPORTS Published: March 27, 2014

Edmond’s Urban Forestry Department has started harvesting eastern red cedar trees from city-managed property around Arcadia Lake.

The trees will be chipped to provide beneficial mulch for trees and landscapes planted throughout Edmond’s street medians. The city will save money by cutting and chipping the red cedar trees for mulch instead of buying the mulch commercially.

“Providing trees with a layer of mulch is an important step to keeping our public trees healthy,” said Ryan Ochsner, Edmond’s Urban Forestry coordinator.

A broad area of mulch over the tree’s rooting areas will enhance the amount of water in the soil, Ochsner said.

The additional soil moisture will help sustain the trees through periods of drought as the state has been experiencing over the last few years.

This project also provides the important benefit of managing the spread of eastern red cedar around the lake. The red cedar tree removal will help maintain and reclaim areas where native grass, or other types of tree cover are the preferred vegetation, Ochsner said.