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Edmond woman shares her 115-pound weight loss journey

A.J. Legere, a nutrition supervisor for Edmond Public Schools, lost 115 pounds.
BY STEVE GUST Published: November 6, 2012

The weight began to fall off. This past spring, Legere reached her goal of dropping 115 pounds.

She got rid of most of her plus-size clothing — with the exception of a pair of what she calls her “fat jeans.”

Positive results

As a thin person she feels more confidence and lives more fully with a greater self-esteem, she said. There are the little things as well.

“Our season theater tickets are almost all the way up the Civic Center,” she said. “I used to take the elevator as far as I could. Now I just take the steps with my husband ... there's no stopping at all along the way.”

In addition, she doesn't dread getting on an airplane.

“I can make eye contact with people and not be concerned that they don't want me sitting with them because of my size,” she said.

There are other positive developments.

She's off medicine for diabetes and has had her cholesterol level cut in half. She is on the minimum medication for blood pressure and plans to apply again next year for long-term insurance.

‘Can't go back'

She has advice for people trying to shed the excess pounds.

“Set goals that have nothing to do with the scale, such as taking more steps,” she said. “The little goals will keep you on track.”

As nutritionist with the school district, she said she is committed to seeing that schools offer fresh fruits and vegetables. She stresses moderation and urges parents to play a key role in the dietary health and eating habits of their children.

Eating habits are key.

“It seems with this generation we are almost constantly grazing,” she said.

That's not her lifestyle anymore, but she knows it will take an ongoing effort to make sure the 115 pounds never come back.

To this day, she wakes up and prays — asking God to keep her active and healthy.

“I can't go back,” she said.

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