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Electronic audio device Playaway proves popular at Oklahoma City libraries

The audio book device, Playaway, comes loaded with 80 hours of material, Oklahoma City library officials say.
BY NASREEN IQBAL Published: September 15, 2012

The library will continue to offer audio books on CD. These devices are meant as a supplement.

Terry said Playaways have gained popularity among library users and employees alike. Other public libraries throughout the state also are beginning to carry them, she said.

“I remember walking into the storage room and seeing one of our employees organizing new books while listening to her Playaway,” Terry said.

Chelsi House who works at the downtown branch circulation desk said she prefers using a Playaway because it allows her to listen to her favorite stories at times that are most convenient to her.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality,” House said. “It's clear and easy to follow. I listen when I'm on the treadmill.”

Playaway's social media manager, Jamie Belardo, said the device is different from an iPod because the Playaway comes pre-loaded and does not require the user to download any information.

“Unlike an mp3 player or an iPod, this comes pre-loaded and is fully accessible to the user,” Belardo said.

They are not designed to be reprogrammed.