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Email to Oklahoma senator turned over to OSBI for investigation

Oklahoma state Sen. Cliff Branan turned over email that told him he would be made into the laughing stock of the Senate unless his committee heard and passed legislation prohibiting Oklahoma communities from having anything to do with the United Nations Agenda 21 plan.
by Nolan Clay Published: April 1, 2013
/articleid/3778817/1/pictures/2000062">Photo - Al Gerhart The co-founder of the Sooner Tea Party is shown in 2010.
Al Gerhart The co-founder of the Sooner Tea Party is shown in 2010.

Gerhart, 54, of Oklahoma City, said troopers visited his carpentry business Friday. He said he wasn't there.

“They're harassing me because we're focusing the power upon them, because we're making them look bad. My friend, they get me, they'll be after you next. That's all I can say,” Gerhart said of politicians.

He said the Sooner Tea Party will do what he promised in his email.

“We want to know what is going on down there. We want to know if his wife has got a criminal history. We want to know everything about him. We want to find out if this man is a responsible citizen, if he's even got his family under control much less control of his office,” Gerhart said.

Gerhart denied doing anything illegal, saying he is a constituent telling a senator that there will be political repercussion even though the senator is term-limited and cannot be re-elected.

“These politicians need to know that it doesn't end when their term is over,” Gerhart said. “They need to know that their decision's going to follow them for the rest of their days. They need to know the Tea Party is not going away — that if we don't win it the first time, we're going to come back the next year and the next year and the next year after. And we don't forget these people that are traitors to the Oklahoma people.”

He said the Sooner Tea Party will report what is found on the Internet, in Branan's district and at Branan's church.

“I want the people in his church to know what he is doing. That it's wrong,” Gerhart said.

Gerhart complained HB 1412 passed the Oklahoma House overwhelmingly but Branan has been sitting on the legislation in his Senate committee.

Branan's concerns

Branan is chairman of the Senate Energy and Environment Committee, which next meets Thursday morning.

Branan said he got another email Monday about the bill from someone else that referenced his family. He said he will turn that email over to law enforcement, too.

“As far as the bill goes, our decision to hear any sort of bill in my committee is based upon whether this is going to result in good public policy for our state,” Branan said. “I was concerned and disappointed that the advocates of the bill would have resorted to that kind of rhetoric because you never know where others may take the whole thing.”

by Nolan Clay
Sr. Reporter
Nolan Clay was born in Oklahoma and has worked as a reporter for The Oklahoman since 1985. He covered the Oklahoma City bombing trials and witnessed bomber Tim McVeigh's execution. His investigative reports have brought down public officials,...
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