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Emergency survival for women on their own

Women who live on their own need survival skills when disaster strikes.
Valerie Steimle, KSL Modified: May 21, 2014 at 9:57 pm •  Published: May 23, 2014

Emergency preparedness is a universal necessity for families facing any kind of difficulty. Women who are alone during an emergency can help themselves in several ways.

1. Don’t Panic: When emergencies arise, there is no time for panic. Practice breathing exercises or relaxation methods when you feel the need to panic in any situation. A good way to remember this is with the word SURVIVAL. S — Size up the situation. U — Undue haste makes waste. R — Remember where you are. V — Vanquish your fear and panic. I — Improvise. V — Value everywhere. A — Act like the natives. L — Learn basic skills. If you live in a tornado area, learn what steps to take before the siren sounds so you will be calm, which will also help those around you to stay calm. Another good way to avoid panic is with the word STOP. Stop, Think, Observe and Plan. The practice of keeping calm may save your life.

2. Store emergency supplies: In emergency situations, necessary supplies could include ready-to-eat food, water, a filtration system to clean more water, a way to cook food (camp stove, fire starting kits), emergency shelter if necessary and a first aid kit. Practice using emergency items so you can think clearly in a pinch. Learn from other women, such as those listed on The Survival Mom blog ring.

3. Communication is important: We know we have cell phones in case of an emergency, but what if regular communication systems are down? Battery-powered radios with extra batteries, whistles, a small mirror or battery-powered walkie-talkies could be a lifeline to help. Even starting a fire when lost can help searchers find you. Keep these items in an easy-to-reach place or in multiple places.

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