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EMSA urges using care while decorating

EMSA says people need to be careful on ladders. Injuries while hanging Christmas lights have been reported.
BY ROBERT MEDLEY Published: December 1, 2012

Colin Roy, a field supervisor for EMSA, said the mild temperatures have been good for getting outside to hang lights on houses.

Just don't forget to think about using a safe ladder, Roy said.

“We get a little complacent when we're thinking about the task at hand and not the ladder,” Roy said.

Another danger is frost, especially in the morning hours.

The shaded side of a house can have slippery frost.

“The dark side will getcha,” McCarty said.

There have been cases where people using staple guns to hang lights have accidentally put a metal staple in a live wire which is both a shock and fire hazard.

Inside, decorating can be dangerous too.

If a decorator requires extra elevation to trim a tall Christmas tree, avoid the nearest kitchen chair. Instead, find a sturdy stepstool.