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Energy independence could have unintended consequesces

Published: October 19, 2012

Much has been said recently about becoming energy independent. What we need to know is whether we're prepared for cuts in other areas of our economy if we do become independent. We would no longer need to worry about how the countries in the Middle East treat us. We would no longer have to fight wars to protect our interests in the Middle East or have to produce as many airplanes, trucks, tanks, bombs, etc. because we can take care of ourselves. Tinker, Altus and Vance Air Force bases, the McAlester Army Ammunition Depot and Fort Sill could be shut down or at the very least downsized.

Energy independence is the way of the future, but Oklahomans would be remiss if we failed to prepare for unforeseen cuts while focusing solely on unexpected gains to our economy.

Donald D. Meyer, Oklahoma City