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Enjoying the view from the top: Height's an advantage for centers Abi Olajuwon, Brittney Griner — but it has its quirks

By Jenni Carlson, Staff Writer, Published: April 4, 2010

/> "You buy them extra, extra long so you can keep washing them and then they’ll be the perfect length,” Cloman said. "You learn how to adjust to it.”

There are some things, though, that these big girls can’t do much about.

"Can’t have my little cute Ferrari,” Griner said. "It’s just not going to work. Legs are not going to fit.”

Riding in airplanes is another hassle for the 6-foot-8 freshman phenom.

The biggest downside of being tall for the 6-foot-4 Charles?

"Definitely guys,” she said. "Seeing guys that are attractive, and they’re like 5-foot-10.”

The biggest downside for Olajuwon?

"I have more chores at home because I’m tall,” she said. "My mom makes me change all the light bulbs in the house. She assumes because I’m tall, I can pick up anything.”

But with the exception of a few extra chores and occasionally bumping her head on a low-hanging light fixture, Olajuwon loves being tall. She embraces having such stature. She enjoys having that presence.

She believes it’s easier for her and other tall gals to do that now. The hassles aren’t as many, the problems aren’t as troublesome.

"I just feel like the world is getting bigger and accommodating more people,” Olajuwon said. "I can find heels in my size. I can find jeans with a 36-inch seam. I haven’t really had a problem.”

People have taken notice of her fancy heels, by the way.

"They make ’em for drag queens,” she tells anyone who asks. "I buy ’em. I don’t care.”

And she still doesn’t.

"They’re not like clear bottom and crazy strappy clear up my thighs,” she said. "If they make ’em in my size, I’ll take ’em.”

Yet, it’s one thing to shop for clothes in Los Angeles or New York. It’s another to go looking in Waco, Texas, or Norman.

"I’m just glad the Internet is around,” Griner said. "You can shop anywhere with the Internet. I can shop in L.A., Houston, Europe. A lot of European sites have clothes for taller women.”

In the event Griner has any trouble, Olajuwon has a proposition.

"If she needs some help finding heels, Brittney Griner can call me,” she said. "I’ll hook her up.”