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Entertainment roundtable: Forget Thunder, what about McCartney?

Oklahoman Modified: October 13, 2009 at 4:03 pm •  Published: October 31, 2008
I recently talked on my blog ( about "17 Again," a film coming up next year in which Efron stars. The comments were mostly positive. (It's an age-switching comedy in which Matthew Perry becomes "17 Again" - and is Zac Efron.)

I think people are ready to accept him as a movie star, if he makes the right decisions. I haven't seen "High School Musical 3." I did watch the first one, and found it cute and harmless.

McDonnell: It's harmless and wholesome entertainment for kids, particularly for tween girls and younger. I don't have any kids in that particular demographic - I have two boys - but I have lots of friends that do,. And they're just incredibly relieved to have those wholesome and fun options in an entertainment age that has so many sexual and violent messages for kids.

I've seen the first two movies plus the Disney ice show, and they're cute and effervescent with some fairly sharp song-and-dance numbers. They're not half as annoying as, say, the Pokemon movies my older son made me endure, though I shouldn't talk since I forced my parents to take me to a New Kids on the Block show in my young teen days.

3. Your pick for scariest movie to watch this Halloween.

Triplett: The original no-budget big daddy creepshow of them all, "Night of the Living Dead" (1968 version, NOT the '90 remake). Somehow the bargain basement production values and grainy black-and-white cinematography make director George A. Romero's tale of people trapped in a farmhouse by flesh-eating zombies all the more chilling.

Price: Something from Hitchcock -- "Psycho" or "Rear Window." I asked Rob Tapert, "Army of Darkness" producer, this question, and his answers are in Friday's Weekend Look. (Too self-promoting?)

Lang: When I was 13, I made the mistake of watching Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" all by myself in my darkened living room, and spent the next two weeks waking up with night terrors. Ever since, I've prefer my hotels highly populated, regard snowstorms with no small amount of dread, studiously avoid the use of typewriters and always investigate whether the rumcake at Christmas has been made with red rum.

McDonnell: Anything Hitchcock works for me, and if I'm in a John Carpenter mood, I like "Halloween" (pass on the sequels) and "Christine." I'm also a big fan of Danny Boyle's "28 Days Later" (again, the sequel needs not apply).

I also look on "The Shining" with fear and, oddly, nostalgia. My older son, Chris, now 14, was a dead ringer (pardon the pun) for the kid in that movie when he was little. It was eerie. I couldn't even dress him in turtlenecks without getting creeped out.

4. Tina Fey is America's funniest entertainer: True or false?

Price: She is funny. I think Seth Rogen gets my vote for funniest today, though.

Lang: False, because Patton Oswalt is the king, a comedic genius who is fun for selected highly tolerant members of the whole family.

McDonnell: False. I think there's too many great comedic talents working in film, standup and TV - such as Chris Rock, Brian Regan, Steve Carell, the list goes on - to single out just one person. But I think Tina Fey is funny, and I'm pleased to see a woman at the forefront of the comedy game.

Triplett: She's right up there, for sure, maybe tying with Stephen Colbert for sharpest skewering of American politics and politicians.


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