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Equipment Review: Shoe In Overshoes

Published on NewsOK Published: October 31, 2012

This brings up another important advantage Shoe In overshoes have over surgical-cap booties and conventional overshoes: Shoe In overshoes are equally useful for indoor and outdoor travel. For example, during the growing season, you can keep a pair of Shoe In overshoes at your back door to protect your floors from muddy gardening boots. In the winter or rainy season, you can park them outside your front door or in the mudroom and use them for stepping out to grab the morning paper without having to take off your slippers. Shoe-Ins have a gently waffled sole with a textured surface for slip-resistance. 


The Shoe In overshoes I tested are the "closed-toe" models. Standard Shoe In overshoes are open-toed but have the same basic design with the fingers in the instep and the slip-resistant sole. I've also found an "outdoor" model online, which apparently features metal cleats for added slip-resistance. The only disadvantage I can imagine with the outdoor version is that it might not be suitable for indoor use on some types of flooring.

Final Review

In short, I found the Shoe In overshoes to be a pretty darned elegant solution to an everyday inconvenience, and I'm quite happy that I get to keep my samples. As a semi-professional Denver-area handyman, I've already put them to the test with mud-caked boots going indoors and nice, dry socks going outdoors. This winter, I'll keep them at my back door for trips inside with armloads of firewood. And my wife is a gardener, so I suspect the Shoe In overshoes will become his/her items next spring. (Romantic, I know. Just like Bride of Frankenstein.) 

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