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Everyone at Oklahoma State is on board with Wes Lunt

That hasn't always been the case in Stillwater. The '86 Cowboys were not thrilled with a young Mike Gundy getting the starting nod.
by Jenni Carlson Published: August 23, 2012

What athlete doesn't want to play?

But regardless of how angry or upset they were, neither has thrown a pity party. They didn't allow their personal feelings to pollute the team. It's a nod to their maturity.

But those quarterbacks aren't the only mature ones in the Cowboy locker room. Across the board, players say that once the quarterback decision was made, everyone accepted it and moved on.

“Whatever the choice was, that's what it's going to have to be,” wide receiver Josh Stewart said. “No worries.”

If anyone aside from Walsh and Chelf was going to be sore about Lunt being named the starter, it would likely be Stewart. He and Walsh are the closest of friends. The receiver lived with the quarterback's family for a couple years in high school, and they think of each other as brothers.

But Stewart is like the rest of the Cowboys — totally on board with Lunt as the starter.

Maybe some of it has to do with the way college football players interact these days. When practice is over, they don't scatter off to different corners of campus. They eat together at the training table. They study together at the academic center. And even when they aren't physically together, they interact together on Twitter and Facebook.

All of that cuts down on the cliques.

“I can say I'm friends with every one of the guys on my team,” wide receiver Charlie Moore said. “We're all eating together. We're all hanging out.

“It's a beautiful thing.”

Many players talk about team harmony, but often, it falls apart the first time it's tested.

Not so with the Cowboys.

That's a good sign for this team and its youthful quarterback. A divided locker room isn't a deal breaker — that '86 team won six games, but with Thurman Thomas, Barry Sanders and Hart Lee Dykes on the roster, would more have been possible? — but not having internal problems is one less issue for Lunt.

And that is one more positive for the Cowboys.

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