Evidence provided makes probabilities impossible

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer email@opubco.com Published: December 7, 2012

Elliott Doane (Your Views, Dec. 1) asserts that no scientist has disproved the “evolution of living things and of the universe.” Of course not. Thousands of scientists have provided evidences for hundreds of problems with these two outdated theories that make their probabilities impossible. The best theory of Oxford evolutionist Richard Dawkins on the origin of the incredibly complex living cell seems to be it was brought here by “aliens.” Did those same aliens explode the entire universe out of nothing into even greater complexity and order than Darwin's alleged “single, simple cell”?

Doane further asserts “our schools don't adequately teach clearly defined basic subjects” and therefore our science students shouldn't be taught how to use critical thinking, because “virtually no high school student” is capable “of sensibly making up their minds” about such a complex subject. Isn't that the point of why our students need critical thinking? If not, then why try to teach them anything? Just board up our schools and give everyone their choice of a tax refund or a voucher to a private school.

David B. Wallace, Warr Acres

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