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Evil people always find a way to do evil

Published: December 23, 2012

Mike Barnett (Your Views, Dec. 16) wrote that if handguns would disappear, there'd be no more handgun violence. Then he asserts that while all forms of violence would still be here, it would simply be a better place without handguns. If handguns were gone, people would still find a way to do evil — sarin gas (Tokyo), explosives (the entire Middle East), computers (driving others to suicide), poisoning (Tylenol, and countless others, individual and mass).

Nope, the problem is people — always has been, always will be. Evil people will always find a way to do evil. A solution? Try putting God back in your heart, back in your children, back in your community, back in government. Then take our country back. Is that so hopeless?

Arrell D. Martindale, Oklahoma City