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Ex-auditor's punishment more harsh than ex-judge's

Published: July 15, 2012

Regarding “Ex-auditor sentenced for theft” (News, July 10): What ever happened to equal punishment under the law? Is the common person not entitled to the same law as judges? LaTisha Reid, an internal auditor for the state treasurer's office, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for stealing $30,000 from the state's unclaimed property fund. A few months ago, former Oklahoma County District Judge Tammy Bass-LeSure was allowed to plea her fraud case involving $70,000 and walk away with only the loss of her job, an order to pay restitution, probation and embarrassment — but no prison time.

The judge in Reid's case said that the “public must be able to trust persons in authority.” What about judges? Aren't they “persons in authority”? I don't condone what either person did, but shouldn't the punishment be equal for all? Judges and attorneys seem to get special consideration.

Olin Ramoly, Oklahoma City

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