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Exposing the green idiocy

Published: June 9, 2013

Regarding “Europe provides example of cap and trade's failings” (Washington Examiner, May 31): Obviously the green idiocy that the liberals and environmentalists are trying to get the whole world to accept won't work unless the socialists in power are successful at keeping the world in recession. Most real conservatives knew it wouldn't work a long time ago. Electricity needs to be around 40 to 45 cents/kwh for windmills to be viable without huge tax giveaways.

Meanwhile, this country is closing coal-generating plants just as fast as natural gas plants can be built because the EPA requirement for additional coal emission scrubbing capability makes these plants economically unfeasible. What will this do to electricity rates after we get our cars and trucks converted to natural gas? Make them skyrocket, of course!

And President Obama won't let us drill when he surely knows that gasoline prices will skyrocket even more when the economy ever recovers. European mediocrity, here we come! And since we aren't going to have the money, who's going to rescue Europe from the next despot who conquers them?

Laura Moore, Oklahoma City


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