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Eye on MAPS 3 transit hub urged as Oklahoma City Council considers bus station approval

Oklahoma City Council members are urging Greyhound officials to keep the future MAPS 3 intermodal transit hub in mind in future years when making plans to move next year to a new terminal east of downtown.
BY MICHAEL KIMBALL Published: October 24, 2012

“At some point, the Santa Fe station needs to enter the discussion (for Greyhound),” Shadid said. “That, to me, seems like the ultimate destination.”

Salyer expressed hope the transit hub would eventually prove to be a viable option for Greyhound even with the move to the Reno and Martin Luther King terminal, but she said she didn't expect them to know now whether it will work for sure.

“The way time flies these days, 10 years to have established a full intermodal transit hub is not unreasonable to consider,” Salyer said. “We have a ton of work to do before we get to realize that long-term goal. We have a short-term problem that we need to resolve.”

Access for METRO Transit buses and the national and regional bus lines has long been part of plans for the hub, which also is intended to include access for the MAPS 3 streetcar, Amtrak, pedestrians and cyclists and room for possible expansion to accommodate high-speed or light rail.

Shadid also asked City Manager Jim Couch to include possible expansion of METRO Transit bus routes to the proposed new Greyhound terminal in a study on the city's bus service to be organized over the next few months.

METRO Transit buses don't serve the intersection of Reno and Martin Luther King with current routes, but Shadid and others said it should be a priority to change that.