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EYES ON LONDON: Basketball's golden game, Mr. Bean

Associated Press Modified: August 12, 2012 at 1:32 am •  Published: August 12, 2012

LONDON (AP) — Around the 2012 Olympics and its host city with journalists from The Associated Press bringing the flavor and details of the games to you:



Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and the rest of the glittering American basketball team face Spain on Sunday for Olympic gold only hours before London shuts down its successful Summer Games.

"I just want to go out the right way," Bryant said. "You know, go out the right way by winning a gold medal."

When the next Summer Olympics arrive at Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Bryant will be pushing 38. Old for basketball legs, indeed. The Los Angeles Lakers' star turned 30 during his Olympic debut four years ago in Beijing while still in his basketball prime.

Bryant said he doesn't expect to play in Rio: "I'm looking forward to going and watching."

— Janie McCauley — Twitter



Jamaica's Yohan Blake on the 4x100 world record:

"We're not normal. To run 36 is not normal. We're flying. People call us robots. I said, no, we're from space. We drop from the sky like Mr. Bean. Because when he started he dropped out of the sky. It's just the fun stuff, you know, that we always do. I'm from Mars because I'm not normal. I'm the beast."

Usain Bolt goes afterward:

"I've told Yohan he needs to stop talking like that because people are going to put him in a straight jacket."

— Jenna Fryer — Twitter



Britain's Mo Farah says he had extra motivation to win the 5,000 meters on Saturday night.

He already had one gold medal from the London Olympics — won a week ago in the 10,000 meters — and it was imperative that he make a pair.

"These two gold medals mean the world to me, because my wife is carrying twins," Farah explained. "I didn't want to have just one gold medal, and then have twins."

— Jenna Fryer — Twitter



Usain Bolt thought he'd been stymied by another one of the pesky rules at the London Games.

He asked to keep the baton from the world record 4x100 men's relay team Saturday night and was told no by an Olympics officials. The crowd booed, and Bolt walked away disgusted.

Eventually, it was returned.

"I asked and I guess somebody talked to the guy and said you need to give him that back. So I got it," Bolt said.

Bolt said its the first baton he's ever asked for, and he asked his three Jamaican teammates to sign it. They also posed for a picture he plans to frame and hang with the baton.

Bolt said the only other picture he has in his home is of the relay handoff four years ago in Beijing.

Blake said Bolt's desire to get the baton showed his teammates how special the night was to the six-time gold medalist.

"He's not sure about the next Olympics. He say he want a legacy of his own; he want to start his collection," Blake said. "That's why he wanted the baton so much, so all us can sign it and he can frame it."

— Jenna Fryer — Twitter



Tough to remember a group of people looking so miserable receiving flowers as Brazil's silver-medal soccer team, following the surprising loss to Mexico. The players made American gymnast McKayla Maroney look happy.

— David Bauder — Twitter



"We're very satisfied with our goal. Ultimately it was a lofty goal (30 medals) but we said we wanted to get medals in everything from the 100 to the 10,000 and in the field events and we were able to do that. ... It was contagious. When you get that kind of competitive rivalry from the hurdles to the decathlon, it spreads to the rest of the team." — U.S. men's coach Andrew Valmon on the American team's medal haul.

— Jenna Fryer — Twitter



"I think the pressure was on to go out and do what we are capable of doing. I think we finally hit the mark this time. We hit the center of the target. We got it done." — DeeDee Trotter on the U.S. track team's goal to win 30 medals at the London Olympics.

— Jenna Fryer — Twitter



How does the fastest man in the world celebrate sweeping all three of his events in a second consecutive Olympics?

Usain Bolt kept his plans close to the vest after the Jamaicans set a world record in the 4x100 relay.

"I don't know if (a party) is in the making, but I'm going out," Bolt said.

He wouldn't give up the location, either. But he said he wouldn't be out with the three Swedish handball players who helped him celebrate his win in the 100 meters.

"They are not here. They actually left the next day. Too bad, ain't it?" he smiled.

— Jenna Fryer — Twitter



What's next after the pool for Michael Phelps? Improving his golf game.

Golf Channel said Phelps has signed on as the next star of "The Haney Project," the series that depicts Tiger Woods' former swing coach trying to improve the game of a celebrity guest.

Now retired from swimming, Phelps said he's looking for things to keep him motivated.

"We look forward to chronicling Michael's transition from the most-decorated Olympian in history to a frustrated golfer trying to enjoy playing the world's greatest golf courses," said Mike McCarley, network president. "Golfers everywhere will be able to relate to his quest to improve his game."

— David Bauder — Twitter



More from Jamaica's Usain Bolt after his team posted a world-record time of 36.84 seconds in the 4x100 relay Saturday night.

What else do you want?

"Right now nothing. I've done what I wanted to do. My coach and I will discuss what we need to. But right now I have no goals, I'm just like a bum."

Does the race make you more of a legend?

"It's just to top it off. To put a double triple, that's what it's done."

Want to try something else besides sprints?

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