FAA Academy in Oklahoma City is training air traffic controllers on new technology

Satellite-based NextGen will replace radar systems at U.S. airports. Students at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City are training on both systems.

BY SUSAN SIMPSON Published: September 12, 2010

NextGen is now for the thousands of air traffic controllers who train at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City.

The Next Generation Air Transportation System is an evolution from ground-based air traffic control to satellite-based air traffic management.

Students at the...

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At a glance
What are the benefits?

The FAA says NextGen will have many benefits:

→Safety: Pilots will know precisely where their aircraft is in relation to other aircraft throughout all phases of flight.

→Capacity: Aircraft will be able to fly closer together on more direct routes, allowing more flights and fewer delays. The system also will allow for new types of aircraft such as unmanned systems and commercial space transportation.

→Environment: More direct routes will cut down on carbon emissions, fuel consumption and noise. Aircraft can stay at cruise longer and then descend at near-idle power.

To see a video about the new system, go to NewsOK.com and search "NextGen.”

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