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Facebook post saves girl’s vision as 'glow in the eye' raises alarm Published: April 4, 2014

When her 3-year-old daughter gave herself a new hairdo last fall, Tara Taylor proudly posted a photo of the look on Facebook. It wasn’t the cute bows that one friend noticed, though, but another detail that helped save the little girl’s sight.

Taylor’s daughter, Rylee, had never shown any signs of vision loss, and likes to ride her bike and walk on the balance beam. After Taylor posted the hairdo photo in October, her friend, Stacy Carter, expressed concern about the glow in Rylee’s left eye.

“I knew from a friend that a glow in the eye from a picture can mean there’s something wrong with the eye,” Carter said in a TODAY segment Friday. “I just texted Tara and told her, ‘Hey, it could be nothing, it could just be the flash, but there could be something wrong with Rylee’s eye.’”

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