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Facebook rumbles about Monday night's 4.7-magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma

Fans marvel at an earthquake during a rainstorm and a tornado watch in Oklahoma.
Oklahoman Published: November 8, 2011


Facebook rumbles

about earthquake

The 4.7-magnitude earthquake Monday night during a rainstorm and a tornado watch caused Facebook fans to wonder at the weather in Oklahoma.

From biblical plagues and “Last Days” rhetoric, to jokes about an earthquake drinking game, to rewritten lyrics of our state song, Facebook fans couldn't stop talking about the quakes.

One Facebooker wrote this ditty:

“Quakehoma, where shakin' comes sweepin' down the plain/And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet/When the shock comes right behind the quake.....” ;O)

Some wondered about protection from both earthquakes and tornadoes happening at the same time:

“Just a thought ... what do you do if a tornado is coming and you go underground to your storm shelter and then an earthquake happens?”

“Not real excited about the prospect of climbing into my underground storm shelter anymore. #chooseyourpoison”

And commenting on a story about Tuesday's asteroid pass, one man suggested this:

“What are the odds this hits Oklahoma? Like 10 percent? Nothing would shock me now.”

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