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Fall Makeover Series: Stepping it up a notch

By Samantha Nolan Modified: October 16, 2013 at 1:17 pm •  Published: October 16, 2013


Opening Robert’s “Experience & Contributions” section with a quote from one of his client-written letters of appreciation, I immediately set the tone for the great results to come. Changing Robert’s handful of brief, fragmented bullet points into fully developed sections, each role Robert held now included a high-level overview statement, a paragraph summary, a shaded area of core skills leveraged in each role, and bulleted highlights showcasing key contributions.


In Robert’s education section, all non-degree granting institutions were omitted, as they did nothing to add value to the picture of his education. Instead, his recent degree was presented along with targeted industry training that promoted his participation in a high-potential leader program. Closing the résumé with a technical skills section—only due to Robert’s extensive technical inventory—and an affiliations section, Robert now possessed a two-page résumé that was much more effective in presenting a summary of his relevant professional candidacy.


Stepping it up a notch from his original résumé (both shown on, Robert was now armed with an optimal presentation of his career along with the message sent to engage a new target audience.


Robert’s response…

Robert kindly wrote, “Outstanding final product. I couldn't have created a better résumé for myself ever, even with unlimited time to do so. The increased confidence alone is worth getting your résumé done!”

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