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Falls Creek event has positive impact

Published: July 27, 2013

Not often enough do we read articles as encouraging as ‘“Whole new level' for Falls Creek” (News, July 21). Anyone familiar with this event has to acknowledge the positive impact that it has on thousands of young lives each year, preparing them for their future. Attending one of the services with the Nicoma Park Baptist Church group recently was rewarding, not to mention that 50,000 other students also benefitted this summer. Witnessing hundreds go forward making decisions at the end of the message was beyond words. We can't put a price tag on such activity.

My hat goes off to The Oklahoman. Too bad that our mainline media don't hone in on this event instead of discouraging and causing racial unrest among our people with the George Zimmerman verdict. Also, we owe the Rev. Anthony Jordan and others thanks for making this church camp so successful over the years.

Burnis Campbell, Choctaw