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Fans go the extra mile to see Clarke play

By Ray Martin Published: March 6, 2008

/> "Finally, she gave in,” Scarberry said.

Scarberry had a T-shirt made before the Adair game that featured a picture of her and Clarke on the front, and five reasons why Clarke is her "basketball hero” on the back.

The shirt reads: 1. Positive role model; 2. Team Player; 3. Self Discipline; 4. Excellent attitude; 5. Gives 115 percent on the court, with 15 in red numbers in honor of Clarke's jersey number.

After the game, Clarke returned the favor, giving Scarberry a pair of autographed basketball shoes.

"I was speechless,” Scarberry said. "I couldn't believe it.”

Whitlock said she doesn't mind the long road trips, high gas prices (about $140 to travel to see Clarke in four games) and time away from home, because Clarke serves as a role model for her daughters.

"He is such a great player, and an awesome kid,” Whitlock said. "He never once has had a bad attitude or rolled his eyes. He stays positive. He stays humble.”

Whitlock said the traveling is unlikely to stop when Clarke heads to Arkansas play for the Razorbacks.

"Fayetteville is actually closer for us than Oklahoma City,” Whitlock said. "I plan to follow him. I don't know if we will get season tickets, but we are going to look into it.”