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Fantasia pattern is a splendid design

Anne McCollam answers readers' questions about their antiques.
BY Anne McCollam Published: December 31, 2012

Mid 20th-century sets of china are not selling well on the secondary market currently. Having said that, your set should be insured for at least $1,500.

Q: This mark is on the bottom of a pitcher with a lid and four cups and four saucers.

They are decorated with small pink roses against a white background that shades to aqua.

The handles are ornate and scrolled and the base of the cups is scalloped. They are trimmed in gold and in excellent condition.

The set belonged to my wife who passed away two years ago, and I have no idea what the set is, or what it was used for, or if it has any value.

Any information you can furnish would be greatly appreciated.

A: The container is not a pitcher. You have a late Victorian coffee set.

It was made by Moritz Adekauer in Austria. They were in business from 1884 to around 1945.

Based on your description of the design of your set, it was made around the turn of the 20th century. It would probably be worth $75 to $125.

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