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Federal government led by lawyers

Published: January 4, 2013

The third least-respected profession in America is congressman. The second least-respected profession is lawyer. Many members of Congress are lawyers. Candidates for Congress in either party are selected and financed by affluent special interests whose demands include tax breaks, subsidies, regulation waivers or even new laws. When you want someone to argue your case, hire a lawyer. You typically get a person from an affluent family, someone who's never had a regular job and whose biggest life decision was which fraternity to join. They believe they have special rights and can say or do anything to make a buck. Ever wonder why everyone in court is sworn to tell the truth, except the lawyers?

Their most prominent skill is the ability to use half-truths and empty promises to entice people to “vote” in favor of their client. It's the only profession that thinks a “good job” consists of putting a child molester or drug boss back on the streets. Lawyers are the right people to rationalize the horrible programs forced on our people. They excel at fabricating cover stories for an administration that lies about Libya and refused to send help to our people under attack, but freely supplied thousands of assault weapons to drug bosses.

Our government is like a huge corporation, only with lawyers as its CEO (president); department heads (Cabinet secretaries) and board of directors (Congress).

Ray Cunning, Calumet

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