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Federal grants to aid in emergency readiness

VALLERY BROWN Published: June 17, 2009

/> About $4.4 million will go to the Oklahoma City area through the Urban Areas Security Initiative. These funds benefit the central Oklahoma initiative that oversees communication, infrastructure protection and coordination between seven central Oklahoma counties.

Frank Barnes, Oklahoma City emergency manager, said this is the fifth year his department has gotten federal grant funds.

"Preparedness for emergencies and disasters does not recognize city boundaries,” Barnes said. "Hazardous material, tornadoes, these things don’t recognize jurisdictional boundaries. The better the region is prepared, the more resiliency it has.”

Tulsa, this year, received Urban Area Security Initiative status to qualify for FEMA grant money. The city will get $2.2 million.

Tulsa and Oklahoma City also will receive about $642,000 for Metropolitan Medical Response System programs, according to Homeland Security.