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Oklahoman Published: August 6, 1984

Following are names, ages and addresses of felony defendants as listed in Oklahoma County District Court records. The letters AFCF stand for after former conviction of a felony; the letters CDS stand for controlled dangerous substances.

CASES FILED July 26 Anita Joyce Jimenez, 30, 2661 SW 38, DUI AFCF DUI.

Millis Wayne Mercer, 61, 3252 SW 49, DUI AFCF DUI.

Marshall Doonkeen, 49, 11020 SE 59, DUI AFCF DUI.

Arthur Charles Gomez, 18, Route 1, Box 207, McLoud, receiving taken credit card.

Steven Donald Porchet, 26, 1736 Robinson, Apt. C, Norman, obtaining merchandise by bogus check.

Sylvia Louise Shaver, 19, 1508 NE 33, receiving taken credit card.

Leonard Lee McFadden, 29, 1609 Melinda Lane, larceny of merchandise from retailer.

Samuel Lee Hall, 26, 745 SE 5, unauthorized use of motor vehicle.

Veckie Ann Holden, 20, 761 Scott St., Apt. 2, Del City, second degree forgery.

Kathryn Mosley, 31, 5321 N Terry, obtaining merchandise by bogus check.

Richard A. Abello, 22, 829 SE 15, Moore, obtaining merchandise by bogus check.

Randall Wallace Blanton, 29, 4024 S Douglas, Apt. 122, actual physical contraol AFCF DUI.

Jodi A. Brown, 25, 7249 S Walker, Apt. 280, obtaining merchandise by bogus check.

Juanita A. Westbrook, age unlisted, 3200 SE 57, obtaining merchandise by bogus check.

Crystal Davis, age unlisted, Tulsa, obtaining merchandise by bogus check.

Sonya J. West, 22, 716 SW 32, obtaining merchandise by bogus check.

David E. Brown, 36, 6509 NW 20 Drive, Bethany, indecent liberties with child.

Mrs. John A. Megehee, 37, 6724 NW 52, Bethany, obtaining merchandise with bogus check.

Tommy Bigbee, age unlisted, 5909 Northwest Expressway, Apt. 107, obtaining merchandise by bogus check, possession of firearm.

Tracy Dewayn Lyons, 19, 4320 N Texas, Spencer, robbery with firearms, unauthorized use of motor vehicle.

Gladys Fay Stevenson, 25, 1113 N Ellison, incurring forfeiture of bail.

Javier S. Morales, 27, SW 44 and Robinson, Apt. 234, second degree business burglary.

Gary Bruce Cheek, 44, 11100 Jeffords Road, Nicoma Park, concealing stolen property.

Tracy Lynn Green, 19, 4016 SE 14, Del City, unlawful delivery of CDS.

Bryan Eric Klemme, 18, 4301 SE 14 Place, Del City, unlawful delivery of CDS.

Michael J. Fulton, 36, 6801 S Sears Terrace, attempted grand larceny.

Paul Wesley Wiley, 20, 2300 N Walker, attempted grand larceny.

Jeffery Maytum, 21, 4320 NW 39, second degree business burglary.

Billy Wayne Hutchison, 26, 2908 SW 62, indecent exposure.

Kerry Dean Johnson, 29, 117 NW 28, robbery by force.

Lenny Dean Harjo, 19, 2910 N Walnut, Apt. A109, unauthorized use of motor vehicle.

Todd Tracy Hicks, 18, 4326 S Barnes, Apt. 18, concealing stolen property.

James V. Gomboc, 21, 12729 SE 54, Choctaw, second degree burglary.

July 27 Jerry Wayne Cottrell, 41, 901 SE 21, DUI AFC DUI.

Lester Andrew Smith, 39, 7105 NW 30, Bethany, DUI AFC driving while impaired.

Joel L. Horton, 30, 1008 Locust Lane, Midwest City, obtaining money by bogus check.

Carol Belmar Hosein, age unlisted, 3828 Dungee Blvd., Apt. 10-A, Spencer, uttering two or more bogus checks.

Brenda Hopkins, age unlisted, 3405 NE 33 Circle, obtaining merchandise by bogus check.

Gloria Moore, 39, 10625 NE 41, Spencer, obtaining merchandise by bogus check.

Sheila G. Moore, age unlisted, 3300 Highland Park Drive, Apt. 103, Del City, obtaining merchandise by bogus check.

Mary Rae Crawels, 29, Sapulpa, assault and battery with dangerous weapon.

Johnell Tanksley, 35, 2517 NE 13, incurring forfeiture of bail.

Donald Eugene Stoltz, 39, 5017 NW 18 Terrace, bail jumping AFCF.

Mark Edward Johnson, 18, address unlisted, attempted second degree burglary.

Lloyd D. Sloan, 24, address unlisted, attempted second degree burglary.

Leroia Michelle Eaves, 37, 205 NE 28, Apt. A, possession of CDS.

Henry Woods, 34, 2247 NE 15, possession of CDS.

Clayton Jay Hester, 24, 2219 SW 29, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

John D. Ware, 27, 1738 S Phillips, possession of firearm.

Kevin Doudreaux, 18, 13908 Everest, second degree burglary.

Kevyn Deanne Felton, 41, 5920 NW 62 Terrace, Warr Acres, obtaining CDS by fraud.

Levi Littlefeather, 26, 815 NW 9, unauthorized use of motor vehicle.

Alex Tate Jr., 21, 3610 N Lottie, larceny from a house.

Andre Michael Berry, 22, 2208 N Granada, second degree burglary.

Pedro Montalvo Garza, 46, 2117 SW 11, fourth degree arson.

Hazel Sue Fulbright, 26, 3505 Oakcliff Drive, Del City, first degree arson.

Timmy Erbie Bridges, 22, 10000 S Sooner, Apt. 20, indecent exposure.

Henney Curry, 26, PO Box 197, Spencer, concealing stolen property.

Melvin Tyrone Perry, 33, PO Box 89, Spencer, concealing stolen property.

Robert Lee Newton, 45, 7428 NW 10, Apb. 4B, grand larceny.

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