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First duck hunt ever proves successful for Oklahoma City pair

Goforth and McPherson get a classic hunting experience at a small farm pond in western Oklahoma
By Hal McKnight, Special Correspondent Published: November 24, 2012

I immediately produced a series of whistles from my pintail call and they circled several times until they cupped their wings and dropped into the decoys.

Both of my hunting companions folded a drake pintail and flashed grins broader than a Cheshire cat.

The morning rocked along with splendid results. My lab, William Wallace — aka Will, was worn slick retrieving ducks. Hunter remarked, “It does not get any better than this.”

Just as he spoke those words we heard a group of Canada geese behind us. We froze like statues as they sailed past.

Although improbable, they descended like falling elm leaves. When they were telephone pole high I called, “Take them!”

On this crisp morning we were definitely lucky, harvesting both ducks and geese on a day that two young men were introduced to the sport of waterfowling.