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Fitness tips for Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014.
Published: January 14, 2014



As we begin the new year, we often reflect on the past. It's a time to look back and contemplate the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. The good news is we have choices. Are you angry and bitter or forgiving and thoughtful? Do you appreciate the moment or worry about the future? I'm asking you to choose one thing, just one, that you would like to try. Whether you choose to begin journaling, take a yoga class or get a regular massage, it's your choice. And as we move through the year, just remember in the end it's the journey itself that really matters.

SOURCE: Molly Ross, executive director for the Integris James L. Hall Jr. Center for Mind, Body and Spirit

Work Your Resolutions Backward

Do you really think the way to start a sparkling new year is to hammer on yourself to make personal changes? Don't look at the new year as an opportunity to be a whole new you; look at it as a time to improve on the already fabulous you. Start the year strong by focusing on your 2013 accomplishments and use them to propel you to success in 2014.

Make a list of what you did right: New Year's resolutions can inspire change but when they're negative, your results may be marginal. A more effective New Year's resolution should focus on what you do right, rather than what you need to do differently in the year ahead. Tell yourself you're already a winner — not that you always need to change. Take stock. What did you get right in 2013?

Build on your success: How can you do more of what worked for you? What healthy habits should you keep doing in 2014? How can you challenge yourself to take your success to the next level?

Compete with yourself: Maybe you want a new personal record for a 5k, or maybe you want your spin class to be easier because your cardiovascular fitness level has improved. Maybe you want more muscle strength to use heavier free weights? Accelerate your success by competing with yourself this year.

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