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Flight risks to leave the Big 12

BY BERRY TRAMEL, STAFF WRITER, BTRAMEL@OPUBCO.COM Modified: February 21, 2010 at 12:03 am •  Published: February 21, 2010
Four schools are prominently mentioned as candidates to flee the Big 12:

In 1994, Colorado regents voted 6-3 to join the Big 12 rather than the Pac-10. Those were the salad days of Buff football. Now, CU’s athletic department is in a Chuck Fairbanks-style mess of 30 years ago. The Buffs wouldn’t make more money in the Pac-10, which could be looking to expand to 12 teams.

→Chances of being asked: High.

→Chances of accepting invitation: Moderate.

To paraphrase Eddie Sutton, Mizzou would crawl on its hands and knees to get to the Big Ten, where the Tigers would make more money and quickly establish rivalries as solid as it has in the Big 12. But Missouri doesn’t add much to the Big Ten, which already has some of the St. Louis TV market thanks to Illinois.

→Chances of being asked: Small.

→Chances of accepting invitation: Virtually certain.

Any conference would like Texas, which delivers several major television markets and big-time football and basketball.