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Flu season: A few vaccine options available in most Oklahoma County health clinics

Along with the flu shot, there are a few other options for getting a flu vaccine — a nasal spray, a high-dose vaccine for people older than 65 and a vaccine with a smaller needle.
by Jaclyn Cosgrove Published: October 4, 2012

Nelda Jackson knew it was about time to get her annual flu shot.

So this past week, she and her husband Jerry Jackson headed to the Oklahoma City-County Health Department to get their annual flu shots.

The couple chose to get the high-dose flu shot, recommended for adults older than 65 who would like added protection against the contagious respiratory illness.

The Jacksons get their flu shots every year, and this year's shot wasn't any more painful.

“That was the easiest one I've ever had,” Nelda Jackson said.

Most county health departments have the high-dose flu shot available.

Autumn Peck, of Oklahoma City, brought her sons Liam, 3, and Aleci, 2, into the Oklahoma City-County Health Department this past week for the nasal spray flu vaccine and got her flu shot as well.

The Oklahoma City-County Health Department offers a few options of flu shots for various ages, including a regular flu shot for anyone older than 6 months old; a nasal spray for ages 2 through 49; an intradermal flu shots with a smaller needle for ages 18 through 64; and a high-dose vaccination for adults 65 or older.

Flu shots are also generally available from primary care doctors along with some pharmacies, employers and schools.

Peck, an emergency medical technician and student, said there are a lot of illnesses that can be prevented by taking the proper precautions.

“Being in day care, I know there are a lot of kids that are going to come up that are just sick,” Peck said. “I'm in school, and I go to work, and I can't afford to miss either one, so it's pretty important that we protect them from that.”

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