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Football player leaves game over migraines Published: August 22, 2013

Notre Dame announced earlier this week that senior linebacker Danny Spond would end his college football career as a result of severe migraines, according to UPI.

“Hemiplegic migraines are a rare form of headache that present with temporary stroke-like symptoms, such as weakness and slurred speech,” Notre Dame head football team physician Dr. Jennifer Malcolm said in a statement. “Danny has suffered from a series of these migraines, but with medication, rehabilitation and a positive attitude he should avoid any long-term consequences. As there are no fully reliable predictors of hemiplegic migraines and ultimate prevention is extremely challenging, we fully support Danny.”

Spond broke the news to his teammates over the weekend. “In order to assure my overall well-being, I’m forced to walk away from the game with an extremely heavy heart,” he said.

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