For Mickelson, a 70-30 split

by J.E. McReynolds Published: July 26, 2013

Phil Mickelson got into a pickle earlier this year when he complained about high taxes in California. Mickelson had to walk back his remarks about relocating because the tax-and-spend crowd thinks the Golden State’s high income tax rate isn’t excessive.

For winning the 2013 British Open this week and the Scottish Open a week before, the professional golfer earned $2,167,500. “Earned” is a relative term here. It’s more apt to say Mickelson “grossed” that much money.

Forbes magazine says the golfer gets to keep only 39 percent of the winnings. The rest will either stay in the British Isles or be sent to Washington and Sacramento. “We assume the British government’s share,” wrote the USA Today’s Nate Scott, “will go directly to the Royal baby’s binkie fund.”

High taxes are par for the course in the world of high-paid athletes, but if Mickelson were to move to Texas or Florida, he would at least get to keep the 13 percent of his winnings that will go to California. After paying his agent and his expenses, the golfer actually “earned” an estimated 30 percent of his actual winnings.

by J.E. McReynolds
Opinion Editor
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