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For women's holiday gifts, think fabulous, not practical

Holiday gift recommendations that will make the women in your life feel special and beautiful
BY HEATHER WARLICK Published: November 18, 2012

A spa day, month or year. Buy her a daylong pampering session at a local spa or a year's worth of mani/pedis. She'll think of you every time she indulges in a treatment.

A major expression of love. If money isn't an object and you want your Christmas gift to pack a little extra punch, I have two words for you: fancy diamonds. More rare than white diamonds, yellow, blue, green, brown, pink, red and even black diamonds are trending like crazy right now among celebrities and fashionistas. Try Samuel Gordon Diamond & Jewelers, Mitchener Farrand and BC Clark Jewelers, all locally owned fine jewelers.

A major fashion statement. Many men have more style sense than they think, and a woman is more likely to enjoy wearing something if she knows her significant other likes it, too. That's why you should go ahead and take that leap into choosing a fashion statement as a gift: a fantastic Prada clutch, an oversized “statement necklace,” a stack of bracelets, even shades of nail polish.

Practically impractical. OK, if you must choose a gift that is fabulous and functional, here are a few options that will get a much better response than a small appliance for the kitchen or a new set of towels. A pair of sexy, stylish sunglasses from Black Optical in Classen Curve says, “I think you're stylish and I want to protect your beautiful eyes.” Lime Leopard sells stylish sunglasses with reader lenses.

A beautiful smartphone case is another practical yet fashionable gift idea. Mapi makes cases in various leathers that are very protective as well as attractive.