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Forget kale -- this may be the next health-food trend Published: January 29, 2014

Seaweed, once best known to most Americans as the papery green stuff in a California roll, has recently made the switch from niche health food to haute cuisine, according to Yahoo Food.

Restaurants around the country are taking cues from Asian and Nordic chefs who prize légumes de mer for their snappy texture and deeply oceanic, umami-rich flavor.

Seaweeds—a loose category of edible saltwater plants that includes nori, kelp, and algae—are washing up all over the place, from the seaweed butter at Nashville’s Rolf and Daughters to the airy, briny tofu and seaweed beignets at Los Angeles’s Alma (both restaurants were on BA’s Hot 10 list last year).

H/T: Yahoo!
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