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Former Oklahoma teacher, former professor enter pleas to sex crimes against children

A former Oklahoma Baptist University professor who called himself “Uncle G” was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to sex crimes involving children. A former McLoud teacher pleaded no contest in the case and will be sentenced later.
by Andrew Knittle Modified: January 9, 2013 at 11:04 pm •  Published: January 9, 2013

Clad in an orange jump suit, his hands and legs shackled, he passively followed the other proceedings, chatted with his lawyer and occasionally glanced toward the gallery, where several parents and family members of the victims sat stone-faced.

Crain wasn't in the courtroom initially but entered after a midmorning break. Also dressed in an orange jumpsuit, she sat in a wooden chair, her back to spectators, shoulders slumped, head bowed.

She never turned toward the spectators or looked at Doby, who sat just a few feet away.

Case shocked small town

Prosecutors say Crain and Doby exploited more than 10 young girls using Skype, a tool that allows people to communicate online.

Doby, who met Crain while she was a student at OBU, was living in Pennsylvania at the time of the crimes.

Many of the young girls testified against the defendants during a preliminary hearing in May, detailing for a judge how Crain would isolate them off school grounds and force them into compromising positions.

One of the girls testified May 21 that Crain took a group of five girls to her Shawnee home in November 2011, shortly before the defendants were charged.

The girl said Crain told them to change into bras and panties, at which point they were photographed while decorating a Christmas tree.

“We bended down with our butts to the camera,” the girl said. “We would put our hands on our hips ... and pucker our lips.”

The same girl described telling her parents what had happened once she got home that night, particularly her mother's reaction.

“She went in the bathroom and cried,” the girl said.

The girl, and many of the others who testified, said Crain urged them not to tell their parents and made the girls hide when a pizza delivery driver brought food to the teacher's home.

Doby, who was known to the girls as “Uncle G,” would communicate with them by using Skype.

One of the girls, now 10, testified Doby would make requests of Crain's female students. The girls testified that he knew each of them by name.

“One time he made me stick the camera in my mouth,” the girl said.

The same girl said that Crain would ask her to do sexually suggestive dance moves, including one called the “Happy Hobo Dance,” and described an instance when the former teacher gave her some direction before a photo session.

“She told me to stick my butt out, so I did,” the girl said. “And she took a picture.”

An FBI agent who testified during the defendants' preliminary hearing said Doby admitted to Crain during a Skype conversation that he showed one of the young girls his penis while he conversed with her during school hours.

Prosecutors say Crain also secretly videotaped and photographed the young girls while they changed clothes in May 2011.

Crain pleaded guilty to 18 counts of sexual exploitation of a child younger than 12 and 10 counts of possession of child pornography. She also pleaded guilty to one count of lewd acts with a child and one count of conspiracy to sexually exploit a child younger than 12.

Doby pleaded guilty to 18 counts of sexual exploitation of a child younger than 12, one count of lewd molestation and one count of conspiracy to sexually exploit a child younger than 12.