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Former OSU player Eddie Hannon, OU's James Fraschilla share their half-court expertise

Here are a couple of college players with in-state connections who know a thing or two about half-court shots.
by Jenni Carlson Published: December 14, 2013

“(The nickname) stuck from then on. To this day. I went back to OSU a couple of years ago, played Texas, and as soon as I walked through the door, same thing. I don't think it'll ever leave.”


The junior walk-on at Oklahoma is known best for his trick-shot videos, which have included plenty of half-court makes.

“Outside of luck, it's kind of just repetition and muscle memory. Eventually, you'll figure out how to shoot it so your elbow's going straight at the rim and the ball's going straight. Once you get the direction on it, you work on distance.

“Arch has a lot to do with it. The higher arch you shoot, the better chance it has of going in.”

“Growing up in a gym my whole life, I'm sure I've hit quite a few just messing around in the gym. If you're in the gym long enough, you're eventually going to hit some crazy shots. I've never hit one in a school game or an AAU game, but in pickup games, I'm sure I've hit a couple.”