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Former school district superintendent stripped of Oklahoma certification

Published: February 24, 2012


Boynton-Moton former official loses superintendent certificate

Former Boynton-Moton School District Superintendent Shelbie J. Williams was stripped of her superintendent certificate in a unanimous vote Thursday by the state Board of Education. Williams, with the approval of her local school board, had increased her annual pay from $36,000 to more than $90,000, including stipends, between the 2009-10 and 2010-11 school years. The increase came despite budget cuts for the district, which had fewer than 50 students in its last year and eventually had its accreditation revoked by the state. The state board concluded Williams was derelict in her duties for presenting the local board with a contract for their approval that was in violation of state law. The law restricts administrator pay to 10 percent or less of the district budget.

Michael Kimball, Staff Writer